Younghoon (Andy) Kim - Lemos Jiu Jitsu Academy (Brisbane)

Younghoon (Andy) Kim - Lemos Jiu Jitsu Academy (Brisbane)

Younghoon (Andy) Kim

Purple Belt under Professor Bruno Lemos Of Lemos Jiu Jitsu Academy Brisbane 

"Work as hard as you can so you don’t regret" – Andy Kim

Where it all began...

My first Jiu Jitsu experience was during my Military Service in the Korean Marine Corps Reconnaissance. My best friend was looking for a training partner so I became his training partner when I had no grappling experience and I only watched UFC couple of times. Although my friend tapped me out hundreds of times, I instantly fell in love with the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wanted to learn properly. After I finished my service and came back to Melbourne to finish my University, I joined Extreme MMA in Melbourne in 2014 and have never stopped since. There were many setbacks as I had to go through two major surgery in shoulder labrum and ACL during my blue belt days, but “You Can’t Teach Heart” Motto made me work hard and focus on my rehab so I can be the better version of myself. I managed to win many comps but at the same time lost more than you could ever ask for. But here I am still competing regardless of win or lose. No matter what the circumstance it is, I’ll always give my best whether that is Jiu Jitsu, work, or personal relationship.

"I am truly honoured to be part of Hyperfly Athlete Team. I will do my absolute best to represent this team and make everyone proud. Remember! Medals don’t define who you are. It’s all about HEART with never giving up mentality " – Andy Kim 

Here are some of Andy’s amazing results throughout his Jiu Jitsu journey

  • 2017 Incheon Open 3rd Place (South Korea)
  • 2017 QBJJC Gold Coast Open 2nd Place (Australia)
  • 2018 QBJJC South Pacific NoGi 1st Place (Australia)
  • 2018 QBJJC Queensland States NoGi 1st Place (Australia)
  • 2018 Rickson Gracie Cup 1st Place (Australia)
  • 2019 QBJJC Sunshine Coast Open NoGi 2nd Place (Australia)
  • 2020 QBJJC Sunshie Coast Open Gi 1st Place (Australia)
  • 2021 QBJJC Queensland States 3rd Place Gi (Australia) 
  • Multiple Times Grappling Industries 1st Place (2017-2021)


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