Bai Sun (China)

Bai Sun (China)

Bai Sun 

Purple Belt under Luiz Ferando of Luiz team of Tian Yu Ge.

Trains At - Tian Yu Ge BJJ academy, affiliate of Top Brother. 

Where it all began...

Sun Bai started BJJ in 2012, got his first gold medal in 2013 ADCC Shanghai. Since then he give his passion and heart to BJJ. Even under big pressure from his family, he still started full time training in 2015. The BJJ life in China is not easy, especially full-time work for BJJ. There were not so many professional BJJ team in Beijing at that time, also not so many full time BJJ practitioners. Sun had to use his own saving for training BJJ. The training conditions have been getting better since 2016, more BJJ gyms opened up traching classes and more people training BJJ. During the past few years, Sun has received many medals in his division -70 and 76 KG. He always says: No pains no gains. From the end of 2018, he approached Hyperfly. And he is very glad to be part of Hyperfly Asia team. We are glad to help him to achieve higher level in BJJ and to help China BJJ growing.

"You can’t teach heart! Let’s just roll!" - Bai Sun


Some of Sun's amazing achievements...

2013  ADCC Shanghai 76kg  White 1st

2015  Dumau Shanghai 76KG  Blue 3rd

2016  GCJJF Shanghai 76 KG Blue NOGI Division and absolute 3rd

2016  Dumau Shanghai 76 KG Blue 3rd

2016  GCJJF Shanghai 76KG Blue 1st

2017  JCJJF All Japan 70KG Division and absolute 3rd

2017  GCJJF Shenyang 70KG Blue 1st

2017  IBJJF Japan Asian 70KG Purple 1st

2017  Dumau Shanghai 70KG Purple Division and absolute 1st

2018  JBJJF Japan 70KG Purple 3rd

2018  Rouzhen Shenyang 70KG Purple Division 2nd, Absolute 3rd

2018  Dumau Tianjin 70KG Purple NOGI 1st; Gi 2nd

2018  UAEJJF Taiyuan 69KG Purple 3rd

2018  CBJJF Dalian 76KG Purple 1st

2018  Rouzhen Beijing 76KG Purple Division 1st; Absolute 2nd


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