Sirena Allen-de Guzman - Braddah Jiu Jitsu (Sydney)

Sirena Allen-de Guzman - Braddah Jiu Jitsu (Sydney)

Sirena Allen-de Guzman

Purple Belt under Professor Lucas Sachs of Braddah Jiu Jitsu Artarmon Sydney

Where it all began…

My jiu jitsu journey spans a decade, across a few continents, features some of my favourite people and most valued life lessons. Since earning my purple belt in October of 2021, I’ve focused my efforts on developing as both a competitor and a coach under the tutelage of my professors at Braddah Artarmon.

I’ve refined my game in a variety of competitions, from IBJJF and AJP events through to submission super fights. I enjoy travelling and training and leveraging these experiences to expand my knowledge of the sport. When I’m not training, I share my love for BJJ by running my academy’s women’s program, coaching, or basking in the good vibes of troubleshooting techniques with my team.  

I am very proud to be a part of the Hyperfly Team, and to rep a motto I truly believe in. As a brand, Hyperfly produces high quality gear that empowers practitioners to look and feel their best. The people behind this make it extra special though - they embody and promote community, inclusivity, resilience, and compassion. I feel exceptionally privileged to be partnered with a team devoted to promoting Jiu Jitsu in a way that aligns with my own values, and I'm yet to find a phrase that I resonate with more than 'you can't teach heart.' 

Here are some of Sirena's results through her Jiu Jitsu journey:

Purple belt:

  • 2022 IBJJF Pan Pacific  - 1st place Gi weight
  • 2023 AJP Grand Slam Sydney - 1st place Gi weight
  • 2023 IBJJF Sydney Open - 1st place Gi weight
  • 2023 AFBJJ NSW States NoGi - 1st place NoGi Weight & Openweight


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