Siraj Soufi - Absolute MMA - Complete Mixed Martial Arts (Melbourne)

Siraj Soufi - Absolute MMA - Complete Mixed Martial Arts (Melbourne)

Siraj Soufi

Black Belt under Ninos Dammo - Master & Founder Of Australian Elite Team

Trains At: Complete Mixed Martial Arts - (Melbourne)

"I really couldn't ask for more from Jordan and Sarah at Hyperfly Australia. They understand that Jiu Jitsu is much more than just a sport; they've treated me like family from the first interaction we've had and have shown me nothing but love and care ever since. Honest and hard working genuine people doing amazing things, this is what Hyperfly is all about" - Siraj Soufi

Where it all began...

My martial arts journey started in 2014 at the age of 16, early into year 11. I rode my bike to school everyday in the morning (13 km's) and headed to training after school (6 km's) followed by a long ride home (12 km's). I started off with kickboxing and within a month of training I added BJJ into the routine and instantly fell in love with it. Fast forward two years, 3 kickboxing and 2 MMA fights, I transitioned into being a full time jiu jitsu competitor and haven't looked back.

"I'm a strong believer in upholding only the best standards both for myself, and for anything which I represent. Hyperfly gear meets every criteria in the book; Their gear is undeniably the best available apparel in the jiu jitsu scene. Gear which I can whole heartedly support and confidently be seen wearing it with pride" - Siraj Soufi

Some of Siraj's Achievements...

2019 Uaejjf National Pro - Purple Belt No-Gi  champion, Silver Medal in Gi

Closing out Pan Pacific Championships with team mates 4 consecutive years in a row  for Gi, and 3 consecutive years in a row for NoGi.

Victorian champion 4 consecutive years in a row- Gi and no Gi (white, blue, blue, purple 2014-2018).

2018 Victorian open weight Blue Belt No-Gi champion.

Nationals Champion Gi: 3 wins 3 submissions 3 months as a purple belt.



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