Nikki Lloyd Griffiths - Immersion MMA (Melbourne)

Nikki Lloyd Griffiths - Immersion MMA (Melbourne)

Nikki Lloyd Griffiths, 

Black Belt under Lee Ting & Dave Marinakis (Founders of Immersion MMA)

Trains at: Immersion MMA

I started jiu jitsu at the end of 2013, I had no idea what I was doing but I showed up everyday, after a couple of months of training a teammate convinced me to enter a local competition and I became obsessed. 

Shortly after, I booked my first of many to come; 3 month trips to America to train jiu jitsu and I realised this is what I wanted to focus all my energy on, I set a goal to win the IBJJF World championships and every year I lost I would train harder and harder after four attempts of getting silver and bronzes I achieved a gold medal at purple belt in 2019. 

As I progress I am always setting a new goals to achieve, I am the first female at my gym to be graded to black belt and I recently won my way to the ADCC World Championships, I am excited to accomplish some new goals alongside Hyperfly whom I am grateful for their support. 



-BOA Super 8 Superfight 

Black belt 2022 Gold 

ADCC Oceania and Asia trials 

-Brown 2022 Gold

-BOA Super 8 Women’s -67kg 

Brown 2022 Gold 

-IBJJF Europeans 

Brown belt 2020 Bronze

-IBJJF World championships

Purple belt 2019 Gold

-IBJJF World championships 

Purple 2018 Bronze 

-IBJJF World championships 

Blue belt 2017 Silver 

-IBJJF World championships 

Blue belt 2017 (open weight) Bronze 

-IBJJF No Gi Worlds 

Blue Belt Silver 2016

-IBJJF No Gi Worlds 

2016 Blue belt Silver 

-IBJJF No Gi Pan Americans 

Blue belt Gold 2017

Multiple IBJJF, Pan pacific, National and States Championships Gold 




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