David Willis - FT Team (Sydney)

David Willis - FT Team (Sydney)

David Willis

Black Belt under Fernando 'Terere' Augusto 

Trains At: FT Team Sydney

"Since becoming a part of the Hyperfly team it is clear to me that Hyperfly is not just amazing quality gear and apparel but it is like being a part of a family. The support I have received is incredible and if I'm honest I'm not used to it" -David Willis

Where it all began...

My name is David Willis and I was born in Baulkham Hills in Sydney,  Australia 17/04/1989. 

I grew up playing a lot of sport and activities. Not everybody knows but I struggled for a long time dealing with anxiety and mental pain due to the sudden loss of my eldest brother in a car accident when I was just 11 years old. I believe this is part of the reason that I am who I am today. It made me strong and gave me a reason outside of my own desire to achieve big things. I always wanted to become someone people would look up to for the right reasons and lead by example to prove that regardless of your past, you can do anything in this world. I am only getting started.

I started Taekwondo as a kid and then Muay Thai around age 16. At 18 I found Jiu Jitsu through a friend , who is A Ryan Gracie black belt, Adriano Magnani. Adriano recommended to start Jiu Jitsu and I never looked back. 

I've now trained Jiu Jitsu for around 11 years & it has changed my whole life.

I have travelled the world learning from many Jiu Jitsu legends, Terere, Andre Galvao & Romulo Barral just to name a few. 

Before I went to Brazil I had never won a medal in Jiu Jitsu and training with Terere was the turning point. I came back to Australia and won my next 8 comps as a blue belt and received my purple belt.  It is fitting that years later I represent the man who changed my Jiu Jitsu forever. I am now the head instructor and owner of FT Jiu Jitsu Sydney. I have many big plans for the future including competing in several international & local competitions as well as helping my student's grow into great Jiu Jitsu practitioners and hopefully surpass me.

"My favorite gi would be the Hyperlyte. I highly recommend anyone reading this to purchase and support the company that supports the people. I'm grateful for the opportunities that Hyperfly has given me" -David Willis

Some of David's amazing achievements...  

Black Belt

- Sydney Jiu Jitsu Championships 2020 Black Belt Champion

- Silver medalist Abu Dhabi World Pro 2019

- IBJJF Pan Pacific champion 2019

- IBJJF Sydney International Open champion 2019

- Australian National champion 2019

- Bronze medalist AJP Tour Tokyo Grand Slam 2019

Purple/Brown Belt

- 3x Pan Pacific champion

- 2x Australian National champion 

- Multiple IBJJF Open champion

- Multiple ACT, NSW, Tasmania state champion



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