Alejandro De Varona - PMC / Goiere BJJ (Perth)

Alejandro De Varona - PMC / Goiere BJJ (Perth)

Alejandro De Varona

Purple Belt under Will Dias - Perth Martial Arts Centre

About Alejandro...

I see myself as a different kind of athlete but still trying to do what athletes do. And I say this because I don’t make a living from the sport. Aside from my personal goals with Jiujitsu I have a bigger purpose, one that goes beyond personal ambitions. That goal is to bring all the marvels this martial art/sport offers to the professionals working full-time jobs. As a full-time medical doctor, most people ask how do I have time to train Jiujitsu and Compete. I want all these busy people who don’t train Jiujitsu and don’t even know Jiujitsu. To see that it is possible to work, have a family and learn this fantastic art. 

It saddens me to see everyone living a very fast-paced life without pausing, without doing something for themselves. I mainly work with the adult population of patients. They all tell me about how empty their lives feel and that they would like to try something else but lack the courage to do it. So it is for me, one of the greatest Honours, to wear the YCTH badge. It allows me to rescue with more power whomever I can influence to break their cycle, to see that they can open up their wings to soar high. Even if they don’t take Jiujitsu, but end up taking other activities that they are passionate about because they see me doing it, that’s it. That is also my way to practice medicine, leading by example and not only behind my desk or at the bedside. Doing something like this will benefit their own mental and physical health. If I can do it, they can also do it.

The Hyperfly Mantra is for life and applies timelessly. 
“The courage to stand up for what is right, yes, to sometimes stand alone.”

I hope more and more people get to read the mantra and resonate with it. And hopefully, resonate through the practice of Jiujitsu.

Here are some of Alejandro's amazing results around the World!

  • First Abu Dhabi World Championships ~ Blue Belt
  • Second Australian Nationals ~ Blue Belt
  • First Panpacifics ~ Blue Belt
  • First International IBJJF Open ~ Blue Belt


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